7 Ways to Manage Time for a Vacation




Many people ask how to balance personal life with work life. This is because the number of people who are still busy working on weekends is increasing and cannot enjoy all their working time. Some of them even say it takes 25 hours per day to complete their work.

Often, the cause comes from a person’s weakness in managing his own work time.

Here are seven tips so that you can enjoy all your vacation time even with a super busy work schedule:

1. Don’t procrastinate work.

Most employees tend to put their work on hold if they think they can do it later. If the job doesn’t take long, it’s best to finish quickly when you have plenty of time to do it.

2. Fight the things that are annoying

Most people in Indonesia can spend up to hours accessing Facebook every day. Stop playing online while at work to avoid unnecessary piles of work.

3. Set priorities

As much as 80% of all your working time is spent on things that are not so important. Adjust your focus while at work, avoiding playing games on weekdays. It’s a good idea to entertain yourself on holidays such as Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Create deadlines

From a single task, a person usually spends up to twice as much time as originally planned. For example, you plan to finish a report in 2 hours, but the report will not be completed 4 hours later. This can take up your time on the weekends. Make a strict schedule for yourself so you don’t have to run out of vacation time to keep working.

5. Focus on one job that needs to be done

Every 8 minutes, someone usually does something else out of focus. Avoid these habits, so that your vacation time is not drained from work.

6. Don’t be greedy with workloads. Delegate tasks immediately

You could save 100 minutes each week if you were able to focus on your work for 20 minutes without doing anything else. Unlike the previous point where you tend to shift your focus once every 8 minutes.

7. Make things well organized

As many as 30% of all employees do not make a ‘to do list’ or a list of what to do. It’s a good idea to make a list and make sure you don’t waste too much time. So you can still enjoy the weekend with family and friends.