About the HRTS

The Hollywood Radio and Television Society is an organization of West Coast executives from the networks, stations, studios, producers, advertisers, ad agencies, cable companies, media companies, legal firms, publicity agencies, talent and management agencies, performers, services, suppliers and allied fields. It was chartered in 1947 as a non-profit corporation of the State of California and since 1961 has shared membership conveniences with the IRTS in New York. Newsmaker Luncheons have been the largest forums of the Hollywood creative community since that time. All of the major companies have season tables for HRTS Newsmaker Luncheons and the annual Holiday Party in December.

The HRTS also sponsors the International Broadcasting (and Cable) Awards (IBA) honoring the world’s best radio and television commercials. This year’s 36th IBA featured “Ollie” trophy winners culled from entries representing 53 countries. Sweepstakes television entry was production company Gartner Grasso’s “Crowd Control” for Apple Computers, BBDO/Los Angeles was the agency. Radio sweeps winner was Ogilvy & Mather, South Africa for their radio promo “Speeches.” Hal Riney was also honored as HRTS Ad Executive of the Year. The luncheons and the HRTS Holiday Party enables the HRTS to sustain scholarships to communications students at UCLA, USC, Pepperdine and CSUN. The HRTS also provides cash grants to L.A.’s public schools through its annual Video in the Classrooms Awards (VIC).

President of the HRTS is Rod Perth. Perth is also President of USA Networks Entertainment where he is responsible for all USA’s programming strategy including Sci-Fi Channel and USA Pictures. Prior to USA, Perth served as Senior VP, Late Night and Non-Network Programming at CBS Ent. where he was instrumental in bringing the “Late Show with David Letterman” to CBS.

Perth’s vision for the HRTS includes an expanded role to schools. “The Society’s commitment and focus has always been on education and we have a solid scholarship program in place, but we can do more,” said Perth. “The HRTS has a diverse membership of industry leaders who want to be of service, and we have associates in the public schools who need those contacts. I’d like to see us create a program that makes those connections.” Perth was recently drafted to a second term as HRTS President. Recent past presidents of the HRTS include Jon Feltheimer, Peter Tortorici, Warren Littlefield, Leslie Moonves, Ted Harbert, Bill Haber, Jerry Katzman, Harris Katleman, and Brandon Tartikoff.

HRTS officers: Rod Perth, President; Lee Gabler, VP; Secretary/Treasurer; Valerie Cavanaugh, Treasurer. Board of Directors: Carole Black, Bernie Brillstein, Billy Campbell, Bob Crestani, Lindy DeKoven, Kim Fleary, Andy Hill, Sam Haskell, Nancy Josephson, Bob Kuperman, Jonathan C. Levin, Don Ohlmeyer, Dean Valentine, Jeff Wachtel and Ed Wilson.

HRTS Executive Director is Gene Herd. Herd joined the HRTS in 1981, was appointed to Associate Director in January 1989 and has been Executive Producer of all HRTS events since that time. Membership information: (818) 789-1182; Fax (818) 789-1210; E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Website: http://www.hrts-iba.org