11/13/96 Path to Success featured top women showrunners and their guests Winifred Hervey, Creator/Executive Producer, “The Steve Harvey Show.” Her mentor/guest was Gary Nardino. Marta Kauffman, Co- Creator/Executive Producer, “Friends.” Her guests were actress Lisa Kudro and mentor Nancy Josephson. Nancylee Myatt, creator and Co-Executive Producer of “Social Studies” and “Life with Roger.” Nancylee’s mentor/guest was Norman Lear. Eugenie Ross-Leming, Executive Producer, “Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman. “Eugenie shared Norman Lear as her mentor. Moderator: Caryn Mandabach.
10/25/96 Sports TV: Bob Costas hosted his friends Jerry West, L.A. Lakers, Executive VP of Basketball Operations and Jerry Colangelo, President, CEO and Managing Partner of the NBA Phoenix Suns and Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks.
09/12/96 Entertainment Chiefs: Expanded to include the six broadcast networks, sitcom stars introduced their bosses: Steve Harvey for The WB’s Garth Ancier; Eddie Griffin for UPN’s Mike Sullivan; John Lithgow for NBC’s Warren Littlefield; Ray Romano for CBS’s Leslie Moonves; Drew Carey for ABC’s Jamie Tarses and Ed O’Neill for Fox’s Peter Roth. Jeff Greenfield moderated.
08/16/96 Kid’s TV: Free for kids for the kids! Clips, goodie bags, pizza, polaroid pix with characters. Panelists were, ABC: Linda Steiner, VP, Childrens Ent. Cartoon Net: Linda Simensky, Dir of Prgmng, CBS: Lucy Johnson, Sr VP, Daytime & Children’s Prgmng and Spl Projects; The Disney Channel: Frank Sinton, VP, Prgmng; FCN: Karen DiNoto, VP, Prgmng and Dev; NBC: Robin Schwartz, Dir, Primetime Series and Sat Morn Progs; Nickelodeon: Laura Hunter, VP, Prgmng; PBS: Alice Cahn, Dir of Childrens Prgmng; UPN Kids: Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, VP, Childrens Prgmng; USA: Medora Heilbron, VP of Org Ser Dev; The WB: Tom Ruegger, Exec. Prod, Warner Bros. TV Animation
06/13/96 36th Annual IBA: Trophies to the creators of the world’s best commercials of 1995; also HRTS Advertising Executive of the Year: Hal Riney.
05/02/96 Sumner Redstone: Chair/CEO of Viacom Inc., (Chair since 1987 and CEO since January 1996) shared his vision for the future and added an impromptu Q&A; session at the conclusion of his speech.
04/16/96 Those Were The Days: HRTS President Rod Perth hosted Moderator Howard Stringer and panelists Fred Silverman, Brandon Tartikoff and Tony Thomopoulos. Guests took a look back at their hits and misses with the luxury of 20/20 hindsight.
03/21/96 Siskel & Ebert: Celebrating their 20th season together, America’s favorite film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert handicapped the Oscar race as only they can do it. Their expertise and lucidity made them crowd favorites.
01/31/96 Bill Gates, Chair/CEO, Microsoft Corporation dazzled the 1080 in attendance at the Beverly Wilshire with a demonstration of animation software and the prediction that true interactivity through the internet or broadcast television is still years away. His infomercial parody “Web of Wealth” polked fun at the Internet gold rush with personalities such as Barry Diller and Jeffrey Katzenberg testifying about the riches to reap from the “web.”
10/26/95 Sports TV: Moderated by NFL Great Terry Bradshaw, this lively panel was an audience pleaser from the opening “bloopers reel” supplied by Don Ohlmeyer to the wrap up by panelists Steve Bornstein, President, ESPN, Inc.; Dick Ebersol, President, NBC Sports; David Hill, President, Fox Sports; David Kenin, President, CBS Sports. Additional Q&A; came from Roy Firestone, Host of ESPN’s “Upclose” and “Sportslook”; Cheryl Miller, Sports Anchor, Turner Sports; Tom Kirkland, Sports Anchor, Prime Sports; Bill Macatee, Sports Anchor, USA Network Sports and Jim Hill, Sports Anchor, KCBS-TV.
09/06/95 Network Chiefs, ’95: Leslie Moonves, CBS and John Matoian, Fox join veterans Warren Littlefield, NBC and Ted Harbert, ABC for this annual meeting of the network entertainment presidents. Moderator was ABC’s Jeff Greenfield.
08/02/95 Kid’s TV for You & Me: Panelists Linda Steiner, VP, Childrens Entertainment, ABC; Judy Price, VP, Children Programs and Daytime Specials, CBS; Karen DiNoto, VP, Programming & Development, Fox Childrens Network; Linda Mancuso, VP, Saturday Morning and Family Programs, NBC; Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, VP, Childrens Programming, UPN Kids; and Jean MacCurdy, President, Warner Bros. Animation, The WB.
06/14/95 35th IBA: celebrating the world’s best radio and television commercials of 1994. IBA General Chair Dennis Holt, also President/CEO of Western Int’l. Media Corp. hosted. Radio Hall of Famer Casey Kasem was master of ceremonies. Rich Little entertained as Sweepstakes winners Dentsu Inc./Tokyo for television and Stooges Studio/New Zealand for radio, emerged from the 17 television Ollie winners and 12 radio Ollie winners out of more than 2000 entries.
05/09/95 TeleTV: Navagating the New Marketplace, a first look at the new multimedia network. The debut of the Baby Bells media company with executives Sandy Grushow, President; Howard Stringer, CEO; Philip Quigley, Chair/CEO, Pacific Telesis Group; Ray Smith Chair/CEO, Bell Atlantic; Ivan Seidenberg, Chair/CEO, NYNEX and advisor, Michael Ovitz.
03/21/95 Network Drama: Executive Producers Steven Bochco, “NYPD Blue”; Chris Carter, “The X-Files”; Beth Sullivan, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”; John Wells, “ER”; and Dick Wolf, “Law & Order” discuss high quality of current drama and the renewed network interest. Moderated by Brandon Tartikoff.
03/01/95 Robert Iger, President/COO, CapCities/ABC, Inc. insured the audience that free, over-the-air television will survive the onslaught of new channels because of broadcasting’s reach and quality. He also praised ABC’s commitment to public service and asked others to do the same.
10/04/94 Press This: The HRTS audience was wired to interact with discussion on interactive. Panelists: Tom Zito, president, Digital Pictures; Strauss Zelnick, chair, Crystal Dynamics; Fred Rosen, president/CEO, Ticketmaster; Louis Rossetto, publisher/Editor, Wired Magazine and Peter Black, president, Xyphias. ICM Chair Jeff Berg moderated.
09/08/94 Network Chiefs: A classic season-opening luncheon as Ted Harbert, ABC; Peter Tortorici, CBS; Sandy Grushow, Fox, and Warren Littlefield, NBC were more forthright than usual as they were put on the comedy hotseat. HRTS President Jon Feltheimer chose irreverant documentarian Michael Moore as the moderator. Dais was the executive assistants of Hollywood’s top brass.
08/04/94 Kathleen Brown: Democratic Candidate for Governor, Kathleen Brown promised incentives to keep TV and motion picture activities within the state, more cops on the beat, boot camps for first-time offenders and a ban on the possession, sale and manufacture of all assault weapons.
06/15/94 34th Annual IBA: Honoring the Ollie winners of the best TV and radio advertising in the world for 1993 and our first HRTS Advertising Executive of the Year Dennis Holt, President/CEO, Western International Media Corp. Moderated by advertising maven/comic Thom Sharp.
04/26/94 Breakfast with Hillary: First Lady Hillary Clinton explained her health care reform with an address to a packed house. Her spontaneous replies to the Q&A; session brought warm response from the packed house. HRTS President Tortorici awarded her the HRTS IBA in return for her “relentless pursuit by the media.”
04/14/94 Frank J. Biondi, Jr.: President and CEO of Viacom International, Inc. In his first major address since acquiring Paramount, Biondi outlined the acquisition. Also, revealed that their upcoming Blockbuster deal was becoming tenuous. National Captioning Institute demonstrated closed captioning with giant monitors.
03/10/94 Everybody’s Got A Deal: Our second annual comedy luncheon assembled by Chris Albrecht featured Brett Butler, Tom Arnold and Sinbad. Moderated by Jay Thomas. Panelists entertained the critics and audience alike with their unique points of view on content, positioning and management.
02/01/94 1994 Winter Olympics: Greg Gumbel, CBS Primetime Host; Rick Gentile, Senior VP, Production; and Michael Pearl, Coordinating Producer presented a preview at what would become a ratings bonanza for CBS.
10/19/93 H. Wayne Huizenga: Blockbuster Entertainment Corp, Chair/CEO, defined his company’s history and its involvements and role from video-on-demand to the info superhighway. For consumers, he predicted a slow growth for the the new technology.
09/14/93 Network Chiefs: Sandy Grushow, Fox; Warren Littlefield, NBC; Jeff Sagansky, CBS; and Ted Harbert, ABC. Network bashing over tv violence was discussed. Moderator: Brandon Tartikoff.
08/12/93 Mayor Richard Riordan speaks to the Hollywood community’s revitalization of our area’s economy and its impact on the entertainment industry.
06/15/93 Focus on Advertising The new season and alternatives beckoning the advertising dollar were among the subjects addressed by panelists Betsy Frank, Saatchi and Saatchi; John L. McMennamin, Nestle USA; and Bill Croasdale, Western International Media.
05/06/93 Howard Stringer CBS President Howard Stringer picked up the theme of the new technology and gave a stirring speech which defined the network’s role and its responsibilities in the coming electronic age.
03/23/93 Futures in Media. Technology’s impact on the television business made its debut at the HRTS Newsmaker Luncheons as Rich Frank produced and led the panel of five computer graphics experts through a very visual program. Companies represented with displays included Alias Research, Silicon Graphics, Apple Computers, Synapse Technologies, Sony, The 3DO Company, American Film Institute and Lightworks.
02/17/93 Second in Command at the networks. A full two-tier dais of network executive producers provided the backdrop for this traditional HRTS Newsmaker Luncheon. Panelists: Stu Bloomberg, Perry Simon, Peter Tortorici and Dan McDermott. Moderator: Fred Silverman.
01/28/93 Superbowl Preview Just two days prior to the big event, the NBC Sports Department gave us their views from the locker-room to the living room. Panelists included Dick Enberg, Bob Trumpy, O.J. Simpson, Dick Ebersol, Terry O’Neil and Bob Costas.
11/11/92 Comedy Royalty Assembled by Chris Albrecht and moderated by Warren Littlefield, stand-up comics, who have made the transition to television, took center stage. Panelists included Garry Shandling, Roseanne Arnold, Paul Reiser and Keenen Ivory Wayans.
09/09/92 Network Chiefs. Warren Littlefield, Bob Iger, Peter Chernin and Jeff Sagansky were interrogated by panelists: Debbie Allen, Diane English and Lucie Salhany. The entertainment presidents videotaped each other’s introductions and were joined on the two-tier dais by six celebrities from each network.
07/21/92 Peter Ueberroth, appointed to chair the Rebuild L.A. program by Mayor Tom Bradley, outlined his five year commitment. His spellbinding address included an appeal to the entertainment industry executives to develop programs for the inner city.
04/14/92 Broadcast News. Panelists Stephen Chao, president, Fox News; Joseph Peyronnin, vp, CBS News; Lou Dobbs, svp, CNN; and Jeff Zucker, exec producer, NBC’s “Today Show.” Moderated by Roger Ailes. Head table included area’s radio and TV news anchors.
03/10/92 Network Lieutenants. Panelists Stu Bloomberg, evp, ABC Primetime; Peter Tortorici, evp, CBS Entertainment; Sandy Grushow, evp, Fox Entertainment Group; and Perry Simon, evp, NBC Primetime Programs moderated by HRTS President Leslie Moonves.
01/14/92 The New Buyers. Panelists Tom Freston, chair and ceo of MTV Networks; Kay Koplovitz, president/ceo, USA Network; Scott Sassa, president, Turner Entertainment Networks moderated by HRTS President Leslie Moonves.
11/19/91 Television Cost Crisis. Panelists Stephen Cannell, chair, Stephen Cannell Productions; Rich Frank, president, Walt Disney Studios; and Robert Iger, president, ABC Entertainment were moderated by the Grant Tinker, president of GTG Entertainment.
10/29/91 Daniel Burke. The dynamic president and ceo of Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.
09/12/91 Network Chiefs. Peter Chernin, president, Fox Entertainment Group; Robert Iger, president, ABC Entertainment; Warren Littlefield, NBC Entertainment; and Jeff Sagansky, president, CBS Entertainment discussed cost cutting measures moderated by Jeff Greenfield, ABC News.
08/20/91 Advertising Executives. Betsy Frank, senior vp, and director of Saatchi & Saatchi’s television information and New media Department; Paul Schulman, president, The Paul Schulman Co., and Joe Segal, executive pv, director of National Broadcast, McCann-Erickson. Moderator: Ted Harbert, executive vp, Primetime Programs, ABC Entertainment.
05/13/91 Brandon Tartikoff. Celebrated head of NBC Entertainment Group gives his farewell speech to network television in front of a S.R.O. audience and his specially-invited two-tier dais of colleagues.
05/01/91 Fin/Syn. Jay Kriegel, senior vp, CBS, Inc. and independent producer Leonard Hill debated the crucial topic. Both Kriegel and Hill are key members of the negotiating committees representing their respective sides in the matter before the FCC. Ken Ziffren, founding partner, Ziffren, Brittenham & Branca moderated.
02/27/91 Pilot Season. Ted Harbert, ABC Entertainment moderated the high-spirited panel: Stuart Bloomberg, ABC Entertainment; Perry Simon, NBC Entertainment; Peter Tortorici, CBS Entertainment and Paul Stupin, Fox Broadcasting.
01/22/91 Syndication. Panel featured Three of Hollywood’s top producers and syndication experts: Lucille Salhany, Paramount Television; Randy Reiss, Walt Disney Studios and Richard Robertson, Warner Bros Television.
11/20/90 Pat Riley. Former Laker coach, now a regular on NBC Sports and leading motivational speaker gave an inspiring talk on the need to maintain a level of excellence in the pursuit of higher goals.
10/09/90 Dianne Feinstein. Pre-election by Democratic gubernatorial candidate spoke at what was originally scheduled to include Republican Pete Wilson who had to decline due to other commitments.
09/11/90 Network Chiefs. Robert A. Iger of ABC Entertainment who was a newcomer last year is the senior member of the panel that also featured Warren Littlefield, NBC; Jeff Sagansky, CBS; and Peter Chernin, Fox. This was the first year Fox Broadcasting was included among the networks. Another first was the addition of moderator Jeff Greenfield from ABC News who kept the entertainment bosses on their toes.
06/06/90 Willard Scott Funnyman “Today Show” weather-caster hits the audience’s funnybone by observing that he owns his own farm, put his daughters through college and drives a Lincoln Continental — all thanks to seeing Bryant Gumble coming out of a motel room one morning in Cleveland.
05/08/90 Andy Rooney Laments the low status of writers, “Ten thousand producers and directors are waiting around for one writer to write something that they can change and make some money on it.”
04/11/90 Gennady Gerasimov known as the “Man Who Speaks For Soviet President Gorbachev.” Spellbound audience hears him speak of Communism in the past tense and witnesses the openness of our “new neighbor” as he speaks of the entertainment industry, currency exchange, Lithuania and “Big Macs.”
02/13/90 What Happened at Superbowl XXIV Entertaining panel discussion with John Robinson, coach of the Los Angeles Rams; Jim Tunney, president of Jim Tunney Associates and one of the best known NFL officials, and Joe Theismann, former Notre Dame star and Washington Redskins quarterback.
01/09/90 Oliver North Wrapped in litigious bindings, the controversal ex-Marine officer convicted of shredding government documents in the Iran-Contra scandal claims Gorbachev has been given all the credit for what should have been known as Reagan’s achievements.
11/07/89 Ronald Reagan In the charismatic former president’s first public appearance after a trip to Japan where he rapped Hollywood for its “vulgarity,” Reagan tells cativated audience of establishment leaders that he was misunderstood and offers apology. Warns of government interference in the entertainment industry.
10/10/89 Abigail Van Buren One of the country’s ten most in demand speakers rocks the Beverly Wilshire with both touching and hilarious anecdotes from her years as a columnist.
09/12/89 Network Chiefs Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Kim LeMasters, CBS, and Robert Iger, ABC field audience questions in this first season full strength after the writers strike. Host: Bill Haber.
06/13/89 Lee Iacocca Chrysler chair, whose company spends a quarter-billion dollars a year on TV ads defines his goals (to sell cars), and warns TV executives about the influence of certain pressure groups.
05/09/89 Ted Turner The outspoken president and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System disagrees with Tisch. If they think it’s such a lousy business under fin-syn, Turner said, he’d be happy to buy one of the networks. He also chastised Hollywood for “hate films” such as “Amerika,” “Rambo” and Red Dawn.”
04/11/89 Laurence Tisch President and CEO of CBS presents his case for relaxing the federal regulations that restrict the networks from owning the shows they air.
02/07/89 Lisa Rawlins Head of California Film Commission delivers the message from Govenor Deukmejian who had to cancel due to illness.
01/17/89 Dennis Patrick FCC chair and successor to Mark Fowler discusses the accomplishments of the Commission.
11/10/88 Actors-Producers (“The Hyphenates”) Steven Cannell chairs a panel made up of Ted Danson, Marlo Thomas and Henry Winkler.
10/11/88 Rev. Jesse Jackson In his final push of the 1988 Democratic campaign, Jesse debuts his most exciting speech. (Due to the unexpected length of his address, the recording engineer missed the final four minutes of this presentation.)
09/08/88 Network Chiefs Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Brandon Stoddard, ABC, & Kim LeMasters of CBS front a dais of 48 of the industry’s top brass in this traditional face off over prime time issues.
04/12/88 Robert Wright President and CEO of the National Broadcasting Company defines his role and corporate goals of NBC and his formula for its success as a business.
03/29/88 Frank Biondi, Jr. President and CEO of Viacom International, one of the world’s largest diversified communications companies. Viacom made history with its innovative and recordbreaking syndication of “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World.” It has three television shows on the networks, “Frank’s Place,” “Jake and the Fatman,” and “Matlock,” and the Perry Mason movies.
02/09/88 Women in TV — Executive Producers Panelists: Juanita Bartlett, executive producer with Fred Silverman of “In the Heat of the Night;” Terry Louise Fisher, “L.A. Law”, “Hooperman” and “Cagney & Lacey;” Susan Seeger “Duet” and “Kate’s Street,” and Marcy Carsey, “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World.”
01/12/88 Oprah Winfrey The leader of America’s talk shows dazzles the HRTS audience with stories both poignant and humorous. Including her rise from humble roots to a fame that’s allowed her to earn a “black belt” in shopping.
11/10/87 Michael Fuchs Chair and CEO of Home Box Office speaks out about pay television’s place in the Hollywood creative community.
10/13/87 Jack Valenti The provocative president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America and chair of the Motion Picture Export Association describes what programmers face in the future with his talk entitled “The Tusk and the Tooth, the Beak and the Claw.”
06/11/87 People Meters A. C. Nielsen, Jr. chair of A.C. Nielsen Co., introduces the “People Meter” to a sometimes skeptical panel assembled and moderated by Charles W. “Chuck” Fries, chair and president of Fries Entertainment. Panel: Mel Harris, president, Paramount Pictures Television Group; David Poltrack, VP, research, CBS Broadcast Group, and Richard Kostyra, EVP, U.S. director of media services, J. Walter Thompson Co.
04/21/87 Secrets of TV Success Panelists include executive producers: Steven Bochco, “L.A. Law,” NBC; Barney Rosenzweig, “Cagney & Lacey,” CBS; Esther Shapiro, “Dynasty” and “The Colbys,” ABC; and Paul Junger Witt, “The Golden Girls,” NBC.
02/10/87 Jack Anderson America’s best known investigative reporter discusses the Iran/Contra scandal. A story that he had, but sat on at the request of President Reagan.
01/23/87 Superbowl Beginning the action for Superbowl XXI at the Rose Bowl. Panelists: Pat Summerall, John Madden, Brent Musburger, Irv Cross, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder & others.
11/11/86 CapCities/ABC Daniel B. Burke and Thomas S. Murphy of Capital Cities/ABC. The team that engineered the takeover of the network, asks Hollywood’s cooperation in their “lean and mean” policy.
10/14/86 Syndication’s Exploding Marketplace The hot topic of the new television season. Panelists: Lucie Salhany president, Paramount domestic television and video programming; Dick Robertson, member, the president’s office of Lorimar-Telepictures; Robert L. Turner, president, Orbis Communications; Derk Zimmerman, president and CEO of Fox Television Stations, Inc. Moderator: Charles W. Fries, Chair and president of Fries Entertainment.
09/09/86 Network Chiefs Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Brandon Stoddard, ABC; B. Donald “Bud” Grant, CBS. Host: president of the Society and president of 20th Century Fox Television, Harris Katleman.
06/10/86 What Do TV Critics Like? Television Critics Association presents its 1985-86 awards in Comedy, Drama, Specials, Children’s Shows, News, Information, Sports and Career Achievement. Panelists: Ann Hodges, TCA president of the Houston Chronicle; Lee Winfrey, Philadelphia Inquirer; Barbara Holsapple, Phoenix Gazette; Dusty Saunders, Rocky Mountain News; Ed Bark, Dallas Morning News and Tom Jicha, Miami News.
05/20/86 Grant Tinker The popular Grant A. Tinker, chairman of the board and CEO of the National Broadcasting Company. Host: Alvin Rush.
04/10/86 Sex on the Radio Panelists: Dr. Pierre Mornell, author “The Love Book” and “Thank God It’s Monday;” Dr. Irene Kassorla, host of her own national radio call-in show on ABC Radio; national columnist and NBC radio network’s Dr. Joyce Brothers. Moderator: Ira Fistell of ABC Talkradio Network.
02/11/86 Ted Turner The forthright chairman of the board and president of Turner Broadcasting System.
01/14/86 Tricks of the Trade “How Do I Get My Show on the Air?” Panelists: David Gerber, president, M-G-M Television; Jerry Katzman, VP, television, William Morris Agency; Gary David Goldberg, creator, writer and executive producer of “Family Ties;” Marvin Kitman, television critic, Newsday. Host: Alvin Rush.
11/12/85 Anchor Women Kelly Lange, KNBC; Christine Lund, KABC TV; Sandy Hill, KCBS-TV.
10/28/85 Monday Night Football Panelists: O.J. Simpson, Joe Namath & Frank Gifford. Gifford returns the shots taken at him by Howard Cosell in his book, “Never Played the Game.” Host: Alvin Rush.
09/10/85 Network Chiefs Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Lewis H. Erlicht, ABC; B. Donald “Bud” Grant, CBS. Host: Alvin Rush, president of the Society and president of MCA Television Group.
06/11/85 The Media Explosion, Panelists: Mel Harris, president, Paramount Television representing the studios; Stuart Karl, president of Karl-Lorimar Home Video, representing the videocassette market; Greg Nathanson, VP, programming, Golden West Television, representing independent stations; Robert Pittman, Exec. VP and CEO of MTV Networks.
05/15/85 The Executive Producers Marcy Carsey of the “Bill Cosby Show,” Peter S. Fischer of “Murder She Wrote,” Glen Caron of “Moonlighting,” and Michael Mann of “Miami Vice.”
02/12/85 Don Hewitt, Executive producer of “60 Minutes” speaks on “How ’60 Minutes’ has made reality more appealing than make believe.”
01/08/85 12 Angry Men and Women Everybody gets a shot. Panelists: Affiliate, Bruce McGorrill, Maine Broadcasting System (NBC); Agent, Bill Haber, Creative Artists Agency; Advertising and Promotion, Steve Sohmer, NBC; Business Affairs, Bill Klein, CBS; Programming, Carla Singer, CBS; Special Interest Group, Thomas Radecki, National Coalition on TV Violence; Television Critic, Elvis Mitchell, L.A. Herald-Examiner; Studio Executive, Larry Lyttle, Warner Bros. Television; Producer, Terry Fisher, “Cagney & Lacey;” Advertiser, Camille Johnson, Chiat-Day Advertising, Inc.; Independent Station, Bill Frank, KCOP; Actress, Michele Lee.
11/13/84 Tony Thomopolos, Popular president of ABC Broadcast Group. Host: Brandon Tartikoff.
10/10/84 Mark Fowler, Ronald Reagan’s appointee to the FCC discusses his agenda for deregulation.
09/18/84 Network Chiefs Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Lewis H. Erlicht, ABC; B. Donald “Bud” Grant, CBS.
06/12/84 The Video Explosion (828) Panelists: Irving Azoff, president, MCA Records Group; Paul Drew, president, Paul Drew Enterprizes; Dick Ebersol, executive producer, Saturday Night Live; Simon Fields, president, Limelight America; Michael Nesmith, partner, United Artworks, Inc.
04/10/84 Mini to the Max, The key men in the tremendous success of the mini-series format. Panelists: David Wolper, Gary Nardino, Eric Bercovici, Perry Lafferty and Norman Rosemont. Host: Brandon Tartikoff.
02/14/84 David Brinkley Subbing for Ted Koppel, ABC’s sage moderator presents a delightful speech on broadcasting’s impact on national elections.
01/10/84 TV Critics: “Hollywood vs. the TV Critics and ViceVersa” Panelists: Ron Hendren, host of “Entertainment Tonight;” David Williams, Arizona Daily Star; Howard Rosenberg, LA Times; Kay Gardella, New York Daily News; Stuart Bykofsky, Philadelphia Daily News; Ed Bark, Dallas Morning News.
11/10/83 Network Chiefs: Brandon Tartikoff, NBC; Lou Erlicht, ABC; Bud Grant, CBS. Host: John Mitchell.
10/11/83 Jack Valenti President, MPAA. “Rise and Fall of Competition in the Marketplace.” Valenti is the third man to head the MMPA in its 61-year history, following Will Hays and Eric Johnson. Host: Brandon Tartikoff.
09/13/83 The Programmers: Pat Weaver, Edgar Scherick, Martin Starger, Fred Silverman. Host: Brandon Tartikoff.